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Percutaneous Foot Surgery

In the 90's, we learned some new surgical techniques, completely revolutionary for the intervention of the various deformities feet, born in the United States.

Renowned Spanish surgeons learn these techniques and we immediately formed, being pioneers in Europe in its application.

These new theories have been developed, and what initially was used to correct a bunion or heel spur, today, in conjunction with arthroscopic surgery, we can resolution to almost all problems affecting the foot and ankle.

Percutaneous surgery, as its name indicates MINIMALLY INVASIVE, and there will be no admission, and Local Anesthesia. and may the patient involved, IMMEDIATELY AFTER WALKING BE OPERATED...

For this surgery, we have a specific material, composed of a micromotor, a handpiece, and different types strawberries as well as 3 pieces, seen in the pictures attached. Logically, it is essential to a fluoroscopy device, to view the bones from the outside.

The most common applications are in the resolution of Hallux valgus (bunions), metatarsalgia, malposition of the fingers, Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, Artrodedesis between bones,etc...

 Patients susceptible to surgical correction

In the following sequences, we can see different times of the surgical procedure, applied to solving various problems

Sequences of a bunion correction. We see that is done through 3 small incisions

Correction of metatarsalgia. We see the resolution through smalls incisions in the forefoot dorsal

Correction of hammertoes. Require correction, a small incision at the base of the finger

Correction of a heel spur. They require only a tiny incision for resolution.
Upon completion of these interventions, the patient will need only one suture to cover a point in each zone of collision (+ - 2 mm.) include the absence of osteosynthesis material to be used in virtually all of these interventions.

And with a postoperative shoe, and appropriate dressing, you can walk the same day of the interevencion, without crutches, and I fully support the foot.

After a few days, the bandages are removed and stitches, made ​​external splints, which will be walking and sleeping, to maintain the corrections to the full consolidation of the osteotomies.
For over a decade by these techniques, and the degree of satisfaction is so high that we have virtually eliminated any conventional surgery, large wounds requiring surgical execution, or the inclusion of metallic material on the inside of the foot.